vCloud Authentication Error


vCloud Authentication Error

Purpose: To help students who get an "Authentication Error" when trying to log into the vCloud portal.

Note: The vCloud portal supports only the Mozilla Firefox. Attempts to access vCloud with Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Apple Safari, or another browser will likely fail.

LSC allows students to access their virtual machines (VMs) remotely through the vCloud portal site. For a brief overview of virtual machines, see this article. The vCloud portal can be accessed both on- and off-campus. 

1. If you try logging into vCloud and receive an "Authentication Error" as shown below:
Go up to your URL bar in Firefox and add "org/cis/" (without the parenthesis) to the end of the address.  
Then try to log in again with your Username and Password.  
This should allow you to log in correctly and you can continue on to your vApps.
 If this doesn't work, please email for further assistance and reference this article so we know you've tried this fix.