Using your Virtual Machines


The following section has a lot of information about actually using your Virtual Machines. Don’t be afraid to try things, since you’re not really using a ‘real’ machine.

1.      Inserting media (CD DVD)
•       From the Home tab where your vApps are located, click Open on the vApp you want to interact with.

•       Click on the Virtual Machines tab.

•       Click on the line containing your VM that needs the CD inserted, to highlight the VM.

•       Above the VM there should be a bar containing several icons.

•       Click on the CD icon, this will open a small window.

•       Click on the CD that you want to insert and click Insert. You will now be able to use the CD.



2.      Shutting down Virtual Machines
•       To properly shutdown a virtual machine, first shut down the operating system (OS) from the start menu within the VM. This is performed just as if you were sitting in front of an actual machine.
•       After the OS has shut down, click on the red Stop button to shut down the VM completely.



3.      Exiting vCloud
•       Shutdown any virtual machines you aren't using by following the directions above, then click on the Logout button in the top right of the website.


4.      Keyboard Shortcuts for vCloud
•       Ctrl+Alt+Ins = acts like Ctrl+Alt+Delete does for a regular machine.
•       Ctrl+Alt+Enter = Exit fullscreen mode.
•       Ctrl+Alt = Release the mouse from the VM to use your own local computer.