Installing VMware Workstation Player 12

Using VMware Workstation Player 12
  1. Downloading VMware Workstation Player 12
    If this link doesn't work, go to the VMware downloads page and manually look for the VMware Workstation player link: VMware downloads page
    1. Note: this 77MB file (the Windows version) may also be obtained in the W1818 or W1848 lab from the NAS. Contact your instructor or a student worker for details.
    2. You can get a free copy of VMware Workstation Player at VMware’s download site. Go to this link:
    3. Be sure to download the player for your operating system. Linux and Windows applications are available.
    4. Note: VMware also offers a product called VMware Workstation 12.5. You can obtain this application at VMware’s On The Hub store. You should have received account information about this web site. You cannot install both VMware Workstation and Workstation Player on the same computer! In this class we will use VMware Workstation Player, but you are welcome to use VMware Workstation, which has some additional features. Refer to this article if you want to get a student copy of VMware Workstation.
  2. Installing VMware Workstation Player 12 for Windows
    1. Note: if you have a previous version of VMware Workstation installed, it may be necessary to remove it, though the installer should remove it for you.
    2. Double-click on the VMware-player-12.5.1-4542065.exe file.
    3. Click OK to allow the installer to change your computer.
    4. Accept the license agreement and the default installation directory.
    5. You can choose whether to check for product updates and whether to participate in the software improvement program.
    6. Choose which shortcuts you want created and click Continue to begin installation.
    7. Follow the prompts to perform the installation.
    8. Click the icon for VMware Player to launch the program.
    9. You have a choice now of using the free version or the Pro version of VMware Workstation Player. To use the free version, enter a valid email address, which will receive some promotional messages from VMware. To use the pro version, go to your VMware OnTheHub account and order VMware Workstation Player Pro. This will give you a license key which is good for 12 months.  Enter this key in the provided field.
  3. Frequently Asked Questions
    1. How can I get my mouse back after I click on the VM?  To release your mouse from a virtual machine, press ctrl + alt on your keyboard.
    2. Bridged networking isn't working for my VM.  The most common problem which causes this is having too many adapters bridged together. Go to the settings for your virtual machine, click on the network adapter which is causing trouble, and click on the Configure Adapters button under the Bridged section of the adapter's network settings. You will see an entry here for each adapter in your host computer. Only ONE entry should be checked, and that should be the entry for the adapter you're connecting to the internet with. For example, if you see an entry for a Broadcom Gigabit Controller and an entry for an Intel b/g/n Controller, and you know that you're connected wirelessly, only the intel adapter should be connected because it's your wireless card. Remember that you will need to change which adapter is selected if you go from wireless to wired or vice-verse.
    3. No networking works for my virtual machines. You have very few options to fix networking with VMware Workstation Player. If rebooting your host computer doesn't fix the networking, we have had the best success with uninstalling and re-installing VMware Workstation Player.