Downloading Software from Imagine

Purpose: Demonstrate how to use Microsoft Imagine's Secure Download Manager (SDM) to retrieve software.

1. This page assumes that you have already found and added to your cart the software you want on Imagine. If you need help doing this, refer to the Accessing Microsoft Imagine article.

2. Once you have added a product to your cart you can check out. You must accept Microsoft's EULA and enter your name and email address. Once you have done this you will see your receipt. This is where your download link and product key are. Save the product key; it will be needed when activating your software.

3. Click the Start Download link. This will give you another page with two download links: one for SDM (Secure Download Manager) and one for a .SDX file. If this is your first time downloading software from DreamSpark you will need both files. First download SDM and install it on your computer.

4. Now download the .SDX file. This is the file which contains authentication information that allows SDM to get your software for you. When you have downloaded the .SDX file, double click it and it should open in SDM.

5. Once SDM has opened and recognized the .sdx file it will show information about your download. You can change where the file is saved; the default is in your downloads folder. Once you're satisfied with the settings click the Start Download button. You can pause and resume your download from within SDM.

Note: The files hosted by Imagine are very large. It may be a little bit before any progress shows up in SDM. Be patient. If you want to confirm that the download is running, open the network tab of Resource Monitor and confirm that SecureDownloadManager.exe is using steady bandwidth.