Connecting to the CIS File Server

Purpose: To help CIS students enrolled in CIS courses to connect to the on campus file server. 

Students have access to a local file server on campus that the instructors from time to time will use to share files for their classes.  This file server is also used to share ISO files used for some CIS classes.  This article will show you how to access the file share from within the student labs or while connected to the lab WiFi, not the LSC public WiFi.

Note: These directions assume you are using Windows 10. The process is nearly identical on Windows 8, but will be somewhat different on Windows 7. If you have any questions about this process, please email the CIS student technicians at
1. Start by opening the Start Menu and clicking on the File Explorer button.
2. Then in the address box, type "\\fs\cis" without the quotes.  
3. This will open a Windows Security log in window.  For the username enter "cis\we4444we@my.lsc.eduwhere the "we444we" part is replaced by your LSC email address (before the @ symbol).  The password is the same password that you use for your StarID.  
4.  Once connected, you will be able to access any files on the public file share.  Explore it if you would like, there are a lot of resources available here for you.